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Born in 1985, Daejeon
Live sand works in Seoul


2019  Doctoral course, Department of Psychology, Daejeon University
2015  M.A. Department of Social Welfare, Daejeon University
2011  B.A. Department of Photographic Art, Kaewon Art College


2020  40000/1, Gallery Haven at Gwasuwon, Seoul 
2019  17 Rooms, Dosandaero, Seoul
2018  Golden Toad Tour / Chungnam Content Korea Lab, Cheonan
2016  A sudden meeting,  Artlibro, Daejeon
2017  VAPOR HOUSE. GoldenToad Tour Exhibition / Freespace, Cheonan
2017  Closed Fantasia. GoldenToad Tour Exhibition / Kyungin Land, Bucheon


2019  YATOO-i GNAB residency artist


Lecturer, Lifelong Education Center, Chungnam National University
Facilitator, Regular and after-school art psychology classes in elementary, middle and high schools

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