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Rho Daekyum’s art is driven by his interests in structure for objects, visual experience, and feelings from light.
He strives to make his interests relevant to specific visualization. Especially, light, for him, has become his means for expressing his thinking into action in the world. Daekyum’s works span photography, stained-glass installation. His practice also relates to his broaden experience with the mechanics, specifically with the cars and printers. He doesn’t want to confine the sphere of his potentialities only to the art boundary. He keeps attempting to widen the range of activities to include broader public spheres such as architectural installation, social and arts education, and issues of transportation and urban/community renovation.

Daekyum lives and works in Seoul.

He founded a company BITGYEOL(빛결, means “light is wave.”) in 2017.

He opened its ︎studio in Junimdong near Seoul station in 2020.  

It serves as a stained-glass studio for art and architecture and also a photoprint studio. He is carrying on focusing on his experimental experience with light.